Monday, August 10, 2009

winding down

The motor city summer program is winding down. We finished day camp last Tuesday, and have since been working on cleaning and wrapping things up. We've started to do debrief this week. It's been great to have a lot of time to chill and reflect on all the things that I've been learning and experiencing, and listen as God shows me how they can be applied to the future he has planned for me.

The guys and I decided that we're going to stay in the house that I'm currently living in with the interns for about a month. Only Mike and Luke will be up for that time. Jon and Tyson are coming early to mid September. So, we've kind of bought ourselves another month to make the housing decision.

I spoke with Lisa, the head of the CDC, today about housing in the area and she gave me a big list of properties that the CDC owns and is interested in renting. She also showed me a list of other houses that are for sale, many of which are going for $5000 or less. So, more housing options are open that we'll have time to explore.

No word on work as of yet. But God promised he would provide. I'm trusting his faithfulness.

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