Wednesday, August 12, 2009

poetry wiggles

Monday night the other interns and I went downtown to a poetry reading. There were some really awesome artists. I have been writing a bit more poetry, and I was so inspired and excited that I got the poetry wiggles.

It's kind of like this: Stand up and put your arms out at 45 degrees, bend your elbows so your fingers point to the floor. Flail awkwardly, elbows first. If you're really serious you can throw in some knee bobs too.

Through this summer I have become aware of the importance of racial reconciliation to the gospel. I'll write more on that later. But one of the things that excited me about the Cliff Bells open mic was the diversity of the group. Poetry may give me a natural "in" to build relationships across cultures.

I spent the whole next day writing a poem that I was about to record here, but I think I'll put it in another post.

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