Monday, August 3, 2009

a song from my porch in C

I've been writing this song over the last few weeks, and I think it's actually good. I'm trying to make it better. Unfortunately you only get to see the lyrics, but if you have any critical feedback please contact me through the comments or otherwise.


It's raining on a Thursday night
I'm singing to the fading light
Just sitting on my porch in the city

Cars roll by the puddles fly
Soaring through the falling sky
I'm just watching from my porch in the city

Tree roots push the sidewalk back
Weeds grow in the widening cracks
Just waiting on my porch in the city

Cut down a tree to build a house
Folks move in, then folks move out
Houses die but trees start growing from their roofs.


Bus comes by to go to school
If you get on then you ain't cool
I'm just sighing on my porch in the city

Boys are selling down the street
Bricks are crumbing round their feet
Just watching from my porch in the city

Place where they grew up is gone
Prairie sings a broken song
I'm listening from my porch in the city

Cut down a house to build an interstate
Poor get poor, rich evacuate
Gospel sours but blight will feed on its disease


Boys make fun of their drunk dad
Better than the one they never had
I'm just aching on my porch in the city

Their momma all strung out again
An empty flask her only friend
Just dying on my porch in the city

My neighbor's blood soaks the ground
His brothers hunt the shooter down
I'm just crying on my porch in the city

Cut down a race to build a wealthy state
Lust for power -- systematic hate
Emancipated but still hanging from our greed


bridge (builds in intensity to the end)
Cry with, cry with me
Come cry with, cry with me
For the city where we're
Living, dying
Praying, crying
Building, breaking
Stealing, making
Buying, waiting
Grieving, raping
Eating, painting
Planting, wilting
Growing, shaking
We're still breathing and we're singing
Won't you listen to the song of the city


It's cloudy on a Sunday morn
I hear a hallelujah song
Won't you join me on my porch in the city

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Luke said...

I really like this Matt. Def want to hear the music version when I see you in less than a week! :)