Thursday, June 11, 2009

no job

Things didn't go exactly according to plan yesterday. I was in the process of printing out resumes during my last post, but the process wasn't realized until this afternoon. Our printer ran out of ink, so I couldn't print resumes. Consequently, I didn't go try to talk to people yesterday. This afternoon Matt was able to take me over to a friend's house to use his printer, but by that time, I'd actually received a phone call back from the human resources department with the Detroit Public School District. There's no way that I can get a job in the public schools. Basically, if they really can't find anyone to fill a spot, they'd consider hiring a teacher who wasn't certified, but as it is, Detroit has been laying off teachers all over the place, so they already have a pool of qualified and certified teachers who have applied and interviewed for the open positions.

I'm going to look into charter and private schools in the area. Apparently some of the people I'm living with know folks who work in charter schools, so I'm trying to take advantage of my small network as much as possible.

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