Friday, April 17, 2009

a dream

Last night I had a dream, and unlike the last one, this is for real.

Belinda and I were car shopping together. We end up at this small ranch house -- it may have been a bi-level. I remember thinking that it was a cute house, white siding and blue shutters, and a small porch in the front. Flowers were in bloom. It was summer. The house was built in from of a lake, and in the back of the house was a large deck. Two piers came off of the deck out onto the lake: one uncovered and empty, the other covered by a large tin structure. It reminded me of a green house in shape, half a tube. It didn't have windows, but it was large, and well lit by several bar bulbs along the length. Kind of creepy, actually.

We walked into this structure like we'd been there before, or somehow knew where we were going. There were several people inside, along with a bunch of used boat-cars that were for sale (or sail). I know this doesn't make sense, but they had wheels in back and a hull in the front. I don't know how we could see the wheels, because they were floating in the water, and I'm not sure how they were floating at all. The hull was removable, I think remotely, and there was another set of wheels underneath, so regular road driving. Somehow, this made prefect sense to me, and this kind of vehicle was also for some reason cheaper than a regular car.

The man who greeted us was the owner of the house and used boat-car establishment. He was a white guy, slightly shorter than me with close-cropped blond hair and looked like he could pick one of the boat-cars up with minimal effort (he was that ripped). We were looking for cheap and he showed us the cheapest -- and old white one with a pale green boat-part. The car part looked like a 1980s Civic, like the White Stallion (Ryan's old death trap, for those of you who knew it and were glad for its demise). $200 was the going price.

We agreed to pay it, but just then a young Asian chick walked in, a teenager, and pulled the big salesman aside, apparently giving him a better offer. She talked casually with us about some cool features she wanted to add to trick the thing out: a stereo system and a built-in iPod and some other stuff I didn't really pay attention to. She was going to pay $1000 for it, I think. Or her parents were going to pay $1000 for it. And she was using a credit card. It disgusted me.
And I really think that she didn't realize that the $1000 she had offered for the salesman wasn't going to add all the extra features she kept rattling on about to us, as if she hadn't just scooped our deal and we were actually her best friends.
And I wanted to pull the salesman aside and tell him he could have the $200 from us in cash immediately or put this poor, unsuspecting teenager in debt up to her ears and guilt trip him into selling it to us (for his asking price, no less!) but then I woke up.

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