Friday, April 17, 2009

22 childish things

I'm borrowing this post from a guest at 22 Words.

Which do you still do or with to do?

22 Things I Wish Carried Over From Childhood to Adulthood

1. Laughing at the same joke 15-20 times in a row (particularly if the punch line involves the word “booger”)
2. Wearing a fanny pack without embarrassment
3. Fighting with pillows
4. Thinking it’s normal to wear sweatpants all day every day
5. Experiencing “Lucky Charm” euphoria
6. Getting rewarded for doing house chores
7. Owning matching “Star Wars” pajamas, pillow case, and sheets
8. Not having an email address
9. Getting so excited about my birthday that I can’t sleep
10. Stating my age in precise terms (e.g “I’m seven and a quarter years old)
11. Receiving exuberant applause for minor accomplishments, such as learning to use a toilet
12. Eating an entire box of Whoppers without experiencing any serious side effects
13. Watching Saturday morning cartoons…all day
14. Getting cold, hard cash every time I lost a tooth
15. Being proud of the fact that I was gaining weight
16. Having only one goal for the entire day: reach level 17 in “Duck Hunt”
17. Reading books like “The Boxcar Children” and “The Hardy Boys”
18. Wishing I was one of “The Boxcar Children” or “The Hardy Boys”
19. Knowing that Santa Claus isn’t real but not being allowed to divulge the secret to uniformed children
20. Spending all my disposable income on a single item, such as a G.I. Joe
21. Imagining myself as various heroes – Superman, Batman, Martin Sheen
22. Being fully convinced that I would be an NBA star because I could dribble between my legs

I resonate with 13 (my body still has this function!), 17 & 18, and 20 (though it was giant Lego kits for me).

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Belinda said...

I will let you decide the wishes and the still do's:
6,9,10,12,13,17,21 :)