Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today the city of Detroit sent a team of six men and two heavy machines to take down a tree across from our house.  It was cool to watch the guy in the bucket truck with a chain saw.  For branches leaning toward the house they would tie a rope and use a branch over the street as a pulley, kind of, so nothing crashed onto the house.

I'm convinced that a team of two could have had the tree down in less time than it took six of them to get most of the tree down. I'm happy that the city is employing them.  But I'm sad that they're not using the labor more efficiently.

I went out and asked if I could take some of the wood that they were cutting off the tree, branch by branch, and they said i could have as much as i wanted.

Which was sweet.  I then spent an hour in the backyard with an axe.  There is something incredibly satisfying about chopping wood with an axe.


R N W said...

do you have a fire place? or is it just fun to chop =)

inos said...

As much as I would love to say that I chop for the simple pleasure of it, I must admit that we have a fire place.