Thursday, April 29, 2010

True Liberation

"For this revolution is not, in fact, concerned with liberating us from our poverty and misery, but rather from our wealth and our totally excessive prosperity. It is not a liberation from what we lack, but from our consumerism in which we are ultimately consuming our very selves. It is not a liberation from our state of oppression, but from the untransformed praxis of our own wishes and desires. It is not a liberation from our powerlessness, but from our own form of predominance. It frees us, not from the state of being dominated, but from that of dominating; not from our suffering, but from our apathy; not from our guilt, but from our innocence, or rather from that delusion of innocence which the life of domination has long since spread out in our souls." - Johann Baptist Metz, Christians and Jews After Auschwitz

I don't claim to know much about Metz, nor do I know to what "revolution" he refers.  But is this not the power of the gospel, to free us from self?  I say amen.  Let us be truly liberated.

From "Liberation from Wealth" posted by Boyd on Nonviolent Jesus

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