Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Scheming is one of my most favorite activities.  I absolutely love it.  To dream, to plot, to plan -- it makes me come alive, puts a spark behind my eyes.

A few nights ago Luke and Mike and I ( who have been the only ones at the house for the last week) sat down together and started dreaming some more about what our church could do or become in the next few years.  God has given us new prayers to pray.
Monday night at Bible Study our pastor mentioned how our presence as White people in a primarily Black church makes our church a little bit better picture of the true Body of Christ. That statement excited me, particularly since I'm reading More than Equals right now.  The guys and I discussed a need for greater racial reconciliation.
We also talked about how there are so many gifted people (particularly the leader of NuVision, Damon, whom God is calling to preach -- he did the first of seven words from the cross on Good Friday, and it was amazing!) that have a powerful witness but who are stymied because of financial difficulties.
Wouldn't it be amazing if New St. Peters could partner with a suburban church in the metro Detroit area?

And so we've started to pray that God would be working on a pastor or church leader in that church He already has picked out to be our partner.  They would could serve us by providing resources and energy.  We serve them by leading them in how to do justice in our city.  And both parties receive difficult racial healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

I love scheming.

Belinda started to like me after we spent a week scheming together one Basileia.

Scheming is good.

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