Monday, April 12, 2010


If you missed it in my latest newsletter (I know most of you won't suffer through that much rambling ;) ), I'm going to Jamaica!

WHO: Team of 8 from Northridge Church.
WHAT: An exploratory short-term missions trip. The church is preparing to implement a short-term missions program which involves two trips each year (for the net 5-10 years) to an impoverished village somewhere in Central America in an attempt to practice Christian Community Development.
WHERE: Darliston, Jamaica.  A mountain village of about 1600 south of Montigo Bay.  We think this could be the place our church commits to partner with for the next several years. The key connection is Pastor Leroy.  He's the i-can't-wait-to-meet-you leader of a local church.
WHEN: April 17-23
WHY: Mission statement: To humbly establish a long-term relationship with an impoverished community in order to alleviate the physical needs of the community, encourage spiritual growth of the local church and foster an attitude of service and evangelism at Northridge. The italics are for the part that Belinda and I are most excited about, as God has called us to primarily be missionaries to Rochester.

Please pray for the wisdom and unity of the team, and the development of vision for the ensuing projects.  Belinda and I were asked (just last month) to join the project leadership team, which is why I'm suddenly heading to the Caribbean on this exploratory mission!

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