Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Over the last three days I've seen most of the people that I love most: a surprise visit with Ryan in Harrisburg Friday night, all day Saturday with my dad with some great racquetball and a disappointing (but enjoyable) Penn State game, then driving through the night.  Sunday morning church and lunch with both my parents was followed by 5.5 hours with my girlfriend, my love, my Beautiful Dragon.  God once again proved himself good and faithful to us.  Then Fight Club (men's prayer at RIT) -- it was so good to pray with the brothers again, and interesting to see how being in love has changed the way I understand God and the way I pray.  After Fight was goodbye, and then hanging out with Salim and Slippey, and then just Slippey until 3:30am.  Breakfast with Mom at 8.  Pancakes are yummy.

I come out of the experience physically tired but in all other ways refreshed and ready to tackle some difficult things this week. But I also feel that the one day that I had in Rochester was just a taste of the goodness that awaits when I visit again in the middle of October.  It's really only less than three weeks away!

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Erik said...

Wow matt you certainly manage to pack alot into a weekend. It kinda of makes my weekend feel boring, and I did so much. Well good luck in Detroit I am glad that it is working out so far.