Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was supposed to have a phone interview at 11am today, but when I called, i got an answering machine. No call back so far. Yet I am strangely content and hopeful. Perhaps it's because I've been using the time to write poetry. I started this poem several weeks ago at a coffee shop, and finally figured out what it was about today.
It's also Luke's birthday today. He got a great package from his parents full of vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookies, which made him super happy. And his joy is contagious.

I guess this poem is kind of dark, despite my joyful hope in writing it.

Someone Please Start Killing Us

A brittle liquid, glass
slowly sinks inside itself
thicker finally below with
dust and prayers and chemicals
to see or be
natural predators
bricks and rocks, sopranos
it shatters, divides
holds breath
breathes light
here stained
reflections of
birth in straw
glowing heads
bleeding sheep
twelve robed men
creep across alter stones
with moon glow's
cold monotones
priestly drones
slowly make clones
of bored piety
former glory of
a thousand pipes
mute under decades of
dust and rust away
with the weather of neglect
and microphones
this brittle and dusty
window to grace
rattles no longer to
hallowed organ bass
but gusts of wind's
hollow embrace
it slowly sinks inside itself
and slumbers
weakens at the top
reflections of beauty
marred with prints of
oily greed as
passion bleeds with
wounds of apathy
yet even in shards
so scattered, so scarred
lies hope of healing
in the pain of fire.

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