Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm really enjoying life right now. Bible study in Jeremiah has been awesome. I think I mentioned wanting to be a prophet. I feel like God is giving me a word for his church in America, that it's bubbling up inside me, smouldering. I had a really encouraging talk with Matt last night about some of those things, and about the way the program is going this summer in general. The team is still great, still family. We've convinced most of the day camp kids that we're all related brothers and sisters, although some of them are also convinced that a few of us are dating each other, which leads to some interesting conversations. There are also a handful of little girls that seem to be crushing on me, which is honestly rather nice because they're more likely to obey.

I've been wanting to share this song I wrote a few weeks ago. It deals with some issues of racial reconciliation, the church, and the concept of empire.


Lord, who are we?
What have we done?
What have I by silence been a part of?
My culture and religion say it's just about me.
But where are we?

Verse 1:
It's not my fault her great-grandma was
My great-granddaddy's slave.
Can't we just forgive and forget?
But I grew up with privilage
Not even knowing I was white
And she grew up black every day.
If I'm hangin on the corner
You might ask why I'm there
But you'll think she's got something for sale.


Verse 2:
I don't want my sinful ignorance
To visit my kids
This divided church don't fit your dream.
We all grew up singing
"Hallelujah, praise the Lord!"
I segregated rhythms and places.
Your disciples asked you
Restore your kingdom to the Jews.
You said, "Take my kingdom to the world."


Verse 3:
This is my confession
I don't know how to change
But your Spirit's working in me.
Now I'm growing in the city
And you're setting me free
From the stranglehold of the empire.
Let them call us Christians
A community of love
Only Christ can hold us together.


Outro (x2):
And they'll know we are Christians
By our love
By our Love
Yes they'll know we are Christians
By our love

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