Tuesday, April 21, 2009

free cone day

Today at Ben & Jerry's throughout the known world ice cream cones are free.

And I must admit that this doesn't make any sense to me, from a business perspective.  Does giving away ice cream help them sell other things, or sell more ice cream other days?  It doesn't seem possible.

And so why such generosity?

The answer is simple:  Love.

I think Ben and Jerry just love ice cream, and love the people that love their ice cream.


Shijo George said...

I don't know if I would go so far as to say "love". Respect maybe, in putting the customer first. I wonder if they pay their employees extra for working, and working hard, today? I've been learning that companies who put their employees first are the most successful, because that treatment is reflected towards the customer.

Michael said...

Hmm...I’ll hesitate or defer action out of respect, but Love commands me to act. My heart wills giving. I could give out of respect, but only because I respect One who has given so much, but that One has also commanded love first and second. Or as I will now call the, the left and the right.

Hmm. And this occasion must be taken in perspective. To define the scope of the situation, can we acknowledge that this is arbitrarily giving? So that this instance concerns those who we do not initially know (such as the case of Cone Day).

Otherwise, with time and investment, I may come to know someone enough and find I respect them enough that I can give to them unconcernedly. However, to discover someone so far would undoubtedly lead me to love them as well.

I do not doubt that premium customer service derives itself out of respect though. But the service or product they are providing here is rooted in giving and the basis for these arguments.