Friday, February 20, 2009


Last week at our InterVarsity meeting Marian Noronha, the owner of a company called TurboCam, came to speak to us about his life as a Christian businessman and how he has intentionally used his skills in business for God.  The mission statement of the company will give you a little taste.

Marian has spent a good deal of time around the world helping those in need.  New to the blog roll is his blog "True Stories from Nepal," where he's bought and freed slaves (which lead to a nationwide emancipation), build schools, provided micro loans to get individual small businesses off their feet, brought clean water to communities.  apparently dirty water is responsible for about 80% of the medical issues in most of the third world.
One of his goals is to raise the daily earnings of each person to $1/day.  Right now most people in Nepal are making $0.30/day, and the national average is close to 50 cents!  (50 cents! which includes those well-off).

I was really impressed with his faith and optimism.  Every hardship to him is an exciting opportunity to serve, and every opportunity to serve is a chance to share the gospel of redemption and reconciliation, the glorious, beautiful truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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