Monday, February 23, 2009

the path to social justice

An excerpt from this post at Nonviolent Jesus:

Those of us who believe that Jesus came to bring social justice into the world must now make a commitment to fight this modern aristocracy. But we must fight them with the weapons of conscience, not bombs and guns. Bombs and guns are what they believe in and the fruit of their warfare is plain for all to see. Violence is always counterproductive because it always denies the power of conscience to move men’s hearts to embrace justice. We must believe in the power of conscience from the depths of our souls, remembering that the goal can never be achieved through the manipulation of human bodies with the technical instruments of control. Such a course will always dehumanize both us and those who choose to make themselves our opponents. The path to social justice always leads to deeper humanization by recreating ourselves as agents of truth.

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Fendeilagh said...

"the power of conscience"? That's not something I can put my faith in. Human conscience has been affected by the Fall just like everything else. Anyone who tries to recreate themselves as agents of truth, will in truth be a liar. We can not recreate ourselves, the Spirit must transform us. For a blog that claims to be speaking about Jesus, I see no evidence of him in this proposed method of warfare.