Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a sonnet

people are still writing these things?

Today I came upon a Shakespearian sonnet: iambic pentameter with ten syllables of unstressed/stressed per line in three quatrians, plus a final doublet, with the rhyming scheme of abab, cdcd, efef, gg.

This particular sonnet was written by Amy Elizabeth of The Wind of Aslan's Country. Great name, right!

The Dawn of the Wedding Feast

Thou, Ageless Time, cast down thy sword of hours;
My roaring spheres have bowed their orbs to thee.
Thy flames have quenched the winds, laid bare Earth's bow'rs,
Now Time, return from whence thou first leapt free.

For though thy hands endurance would efface,
Thy ancient moments bear but swift-fled sons
Against Love's light and breath born of My face.
Behold, through gate of Space and Time She comes!

For lo, the end of all has come to pass;
My Bride awakes while suns and moons all wane,
Out running Time, nor fading as the grass.
Thou, Love, art Mine; on thee I see no stain.

The rhythm drumming on the winds, My word:
Arise, O Church, and dance with Christ thy Lord.

I like it.

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