Tuesday, January 20, 2009

run away!

Today's suggested reading is this article by musician Jason Gray, published at the Rabbit Room.

He writes of an a time when he was given a very nice guitar by a friend.  Please do read it if you have a few minutes.  It has caused me to reflect on my own relationships.  See, the point of the articles is that we are all actually afraid of love, that when we encounter extravagant love, from others, from God, we run.  

He concludes:

I think it was extravagant love that I was fleeing from.  As usual.  And it occurs to me that this is the human story and has been for as long as memory.  Starving for love, we seek it out - more often than not in all the wrong places - and then when we find it (or rather it finds us), we are terrified at how naked it makes us feel, how vulnerable - disarmed of our best self-preservation mechanisms.  And so we flee.

But it keeps finding us.  Thank God.

Perhaps this is why we are so easily tempted by legalism (see the book of Galatians).  We can control it.  Extravagant love is beyond controlling, especially the extravagant love of our God.

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