Sunday, January 18, 2009

pieces of me

Back in the fall of 2007 I took a class called Writing the Self & Others.  I re-discovered a piece that I wrote for that class, final submission.  I called it "I Am My Thoughts (pieces of me)," and wrote this little ditty for the cover:

shards of stained gless
Elmers fingerprints
small and white
Picasso pieces
make many, me.

One of my best friends was a photo major, and I took him up to the glass department in our art school, and got him to take a bunch of pictures of colorful shards of glass that we found lying around in the coldworking lab.  I got one of my neighbors who is always boasting about his photoshop skills to help me arrange these pictures of glass shards so that I could display most of the text of this work on the glass fragments.  It gives the whole paper a disjointed sense of unity.

Here's the preface, of sorts:

To encompass the self in words is an infinite task.  I make this small effort to represent myself with the knowledge that to do so ocmpletely is impossible.  The self now is not the self of now.  So I write of what I cannot fully know, what I will never complete.  And in my pride I write a distorted picture of the me I want to be.  I do not what to write of clothes or appearance, though I fear some mask-description may hide the deeper me.  So I hope you don't mind if I make it my aim to express myself in stories and thoughts.  These are the things I think about, and (if I may reminisce with Descartes) they make me who I am.

I may share more later, but maybe not.

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