Friday, December 12, 2008

new to the blogroll

Today in random browsing I discovered several blogs that I've added to the blogroll, mostly through my fellow student and acquaintance Michael Serra, who blogs at Like Newborn Babes. He's probably one of the coolest people that I don't know and have a reasonable chance of someday knowing.

Recently added blogs include:
  • Like Newborn Babes, self-defined as "The weekly thoughts of a socially scrutinizing, Christ-haunted, ambivalent, anarchist-lending. social documentary minded, hopeful, photography student."
  • Putting on the Armor, by Belinda. "I hope to share my thoughts on here, of what God has been teaching me and doing in my life, and of things that are random and will make me giggle in hindsight, to give something to those I don't keep up that well with, to glorify God... What that means for this site, I'm not completely sure. Just like my life, it will come together, one piece of armor at a time."
  • perfection was never a requirement, the personal blog of a friend calling himself skipperxc. It is the maturation of an experiment begun here.
  • Nonviolent Jesus, subtitled "An [sic] blog by a member of the Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi, to provide resources for those Christians who want to come out of empire and celebrate the New Jerusalem."
  • "is the blog of Michael J. Iafrate, a doctoral student in theology originally from the West Virginia, now living in Toronto. The site includes writings and thoughts on religion, politics, and culture from the perspective of a radical Catholicism." I have better idea who this guy is than you, but his blog seems pretty interesting, even if you're not an anarchist or radical Catholic.
So, there's a bunch of new material for those of you who always feel you reach the end of the internet too early.

You may not see all of these in the list my sidebar. It only displays the ten blogs that have updated most recently, unless you click 'show all.' All of you fellow bloggers can compete to stay in the top ten. :) You'll have a hard time keeping up with God's Politics, at about 2.3 posts/day. I'm proud to say free convection comes in second at 1.3.

Speaking of God's Politics, I found their Voice of the Day particularly profound today.

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