Saturday, December 6, 2008

JJ's song

Hot off the press after a conversation with JJ. Seems like I just turn over the guitar and a song spills out.

I've been searchin'
For some answers
Who are we
Where do we come from

I've been asking
For some questions
Who am I
What does this life mean

I've been lookin'
Into my soul
So self-consumed
That I lost you
I've been so consumed with self
That I lost you

If I've discovered
What's inside me
What good is it
If there's no you
The find's no good
If there's no you

I'm returnin'
To the earth now
I'm no island
To stand alone
Better questions with two
Than answers alone

Will you join me
In my searchin'
Do we have purpose
Or am I alone?

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