Friday, December 5, 2008

a dreamt image

My roommate has been having strange dreams for the past four nights. As he was telling me about one of them, this is what I imagined. Incidentally, it's nothing like what he pictured in the dream, except for some geographical features, a tower, and marching.

I am standing on a hill, and beneath me maybe 70 yards away stands a tower, 4 stories but its height does not reach mine. Around the central core of the cylindrical tower is a staircase, it comes up out of the ground and disappears into the top of the tower. I can see three revolutions of it. An army marches on the stairs. A peculiar army; Faceless men in helmets appear almost wooden. their shirts are the color of an old, faded Redskins sweatshirt that someone used to sweep the chimney, but shook out a bit. Their pants and boots are gray and featureless. In one hand they hold a long spear, and the march very slowly, heads bowed as if the next step is of critical importance, and the footing uncertain. But no, that is too intense. They are bored of an eternal march, and so their heads hang. When I look at the tower, it seems gray, dismal, like I'm viewing it through a driving rain. The sky is clear.

Strange and wonderful. Could be useful for a story sometime, as an image if nothing else.

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