Friday, December 19, 2008

100th post

another aimless apophthegm
beneath baffling bulletins
come cavernous conversations
dissections discuss divorce
emissions expectorate exultations
for fingers four
galvanize gratuitous grapes
harmonize honorificabilitudinitatibus hoaxes
in insular ice
jocularity juxtapositions justice
knife kick kill
longitudinal laughter lurches
misdeeds mumble manically
nefarious nocturnal nuances
obsolete opprobriations object
peripatetic parsimonious parsons
quack quaint quagmires
revolting revolutions revert
sanctimonious sojourners sprinklings
to the tin
ungrateful undependable understandings
voraciously vacillate veracities
who will wait
xenophobics xylographically xerox
your youthful yottabyte
zero zone zoos