Monday, October 27, 2008

wanted: teachers

Becoming a New Monastic :: Part next.

I may have mentioned that I'm interested in teaching.  I like leading things, and I like communicating.  I like to equip others to succeed.  I had a job as a gymnastics coach for a while, and I enjoy the comparable parts between teaching and coaching -- the instruction and encouragement, the reward of seeing that behind-the-eyes light snap on.

I've started doing a little bit of tutoring at a community center in my city.  I've spent a few hours with 8 - 10 year olds who are pretty behind on their reading level.  I'm not sure I'm strict enough.  As a beginner, I'm still experimenting with the balance between friend and authority.  Kids are great, and that's the same age group that I coached, but I think I'd really enjoy teaching a bit more advanced material.  Hopefully on Wednesday I'll get a chance to help some of the 14-and-ups with their homework.

Good news is, everyone needs teachers.  I've looked at cities all over the US, and every one has some kind of alternative teacher certification program, especially for people with bachelors degrees in technical fields.  So from my end, we could go anywhere.  Not very helpful for making a decision, but true.

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