Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Perhaps it's more than just anti-war, that that is certainly a part. I'm beginning to question whether there is ever an appropriate time for violence today. I'm thinking that it may be good for the protection of the weak and defenseless. But I'm pretty sure self-defense is entirely out. I follow a Jesus who not only said "turn the other cheek" but also stood silently while he was mocked and beaten, who endured the cross -- accepting a punishment he didn't deserve.

Of course one day he will return at the head of an army.

And he made a whip and cleared the temple, but he didn't hurt anyone doing it.

Reading Irresistible Revolution is really messing with me.


JfishJosh said...

A friend's father was so convinced of the non-violence of the Kingdom that he claimed that even if a man with a gun entered his home, he would do nothing to protect his wife and daughters. He would never lay a violent finger on that man.

Another book, "The Kingdom That Turned The World Upside Down", also focuses on the non-violent nature of Christ. The book advocates such measure of non-violence.


Chops said...

I'd question the statement that Jesus didn't hurt anyone in the temple with a bullwhip.