Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a few predictions

What is happening in our world? Along with a few friends including primarily my boss, I've been speculating.

Current Status

The West is weak. Our moral fiber is thin. Globally, the populations of the erstwhile powers are declining. In Europe (and in the US, to a lesser degree), the indigenous populations shrink while populations of Muslim immigrants grow at a stunning rate.

China owns a massive portion of the debts of western nations. They are buying up mineral wealth, accumulating gold and diamond mines across Africa. The Chinese are flexing military muscles in the waters of the South Pacific and the skies of their airshows.

The Russian state is investing in revitalizing cathedrals. Russia is expanding its boarders, testing the resilience of the West. The response has been underwhelming. What can the EU really do?

An Islamic State has risen in the Middle East, uniting some Muslims by a religion rather than the geographic boundaries of a nation-state. Disenfranchised Islamists in Egypt have pledged themselves to the ISIS Caliph. They capitalize on military might (fear) and mineral wealth.


Add all these things up. What do you see? Here's a bit of a prediction:

  1. When China has accumulated enough gold to weather the storm, it will call the debts of the west, creating a global economic tailspin that will sink the West.
  2. The Caliph will invade and conquer and/or annex Europe with the support of the Muslim population.
  3. Russia will unite its people in a war against Islam, and take back the former eastern block, 'saving' the people there from Muslim domination. They will have their version of the Crusades.
  4. China will unite and dominate all of Asia that is not called Russia or India.
  5. The US will sit by and shrivel up, unable to muster the moral courage or the military power in the midst of a broken economy to do anything.
  6. India will also sit by, but will firmly resist invasion. An attempt to invade India would ultimately lead to China's downfall.
  7. Russia, China, and the Caliph will one day wake up and find Brazil somehow standing among them, competing for dominance in a new world order.


My friends, now is the time to make friends for ourselves. Luke 16:8-9.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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