Monday, November 12, 2012


Over the past several weeks my wife has been diving in to a deeper understanding of Biblical forgiveness, through scripture, sermons and conversations. Last week I asked her to describe the process she has developed to forgive others whom she has struggled to forgive. As she laid it out step by step over fries and a sandwich at Friendlies, I couldn't help but think, "People need to know this!"

Forgiveness is hard. It's supernatural. But bitterness and unforgiveness are weeds that root into our souls and poisons us from the inside out. I'm a process kind of guy, so this naturally appeals to me. But I think everyone can benefit from examining their relationships, and uprooting bitterness with the healing power of hard forgiveness. And the path the Belinda outlines to do it is a beautiful guide.

A Process of Forgiveness

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