Thursday, June 21, 2012

OK, God. Now What?

Have time for a story? This is simplified version of a very complex one.

Belinda and I have been in the process of buying a house. We made an offer for a nice place in the city and very close to our church. The offer was accepted. We have a signed agreement.

We went to closing at the end of May, and told our landlord that we would be out of our current apartment by the end of June.

But when we got to closing, the seller wouldn't close. See, he still had a tenant in the house, and wasn't able to remove the tenant in time. So we agreed that he would have the tenant out by June 15, after which we would do a last walk-through, and then schedule closing.

June 15 came and went. Finally we heard from the seller, 'the tenant will be out July 1.' But he is not able or willing to give us any proof that it's actually true this time around. Well, that doesn't work. 

I talked with our landlord, and he already has a tenant lined up to take our place. The seller's real estate agent has listed the property as active again. It looks like we won't be getting the house after all, unless we pay our lawyer to take the seller to court for breach of contract and force him to sell it to us.

Suddenly, we've gone from purchasing our first house to needing to find a new place to live in the next 10 days. OK, God. What are you trying to teach us?

Our prayer is that God would be glorified. He has proven himself faithful in our lives over and over again. He is more faithful than sunrise; stronger than the storm. We know that he will provide. 

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