Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sermon on the Mount

The sermon on the mount flipped the current cultural and religious understanding on its head. We are in need of a good flipping today. Our nation (I use the term loosely... we are quickly becoming a state, an empire) needs revival, new life. Benevolent thought leaders must rise up to renew the cultural understanding of who God is, who man is, and who the Church is.

The beatitudes?
We avoid persecution and suffering at all costs.
We might try to be peacemakers in the office, but not on the street.
Ambition is virtue. We honor those who claw their way to the top. God honors the meek.
Mercy is weakness, foolishness. "I can't believe you let him get away with that!"  As though we need it not ourselves.
Comfort is king and Entertainment his queen. We drink and drink and swallow down deep the dregs of their cup, and yet are not satisfied.
What if we thirsted for that which fills?
Our fear of the poor is nigh our fear of poverty. Like it might rub off on us.
The poor condemn us, and we flee lest they topple the thrones of our royalty to make way for the kingdom of heaven.

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