Saturday, October 16, 2010

Motor City Summer Journal Quotes :: John Perkins edition 2

it costs more to keep people in jail than to send them to college.

Eight Components of Christian Community Development:

  1. Relocation - be incarnational
    • this is hard work.  if God hasn't called you, if it doesn't bring you joy, don't do it.
  2. Reconciliation - assumes equality. this is the Gospel!
  3. Redistribution - $ is not the most important. this is redistribution of all kinds of socioeconomic resources
  4. Leadership Development - indigenous development: "natives" must be leaders.  DISCIPLESHIP is key
  5. Church-Based - the Body must act. authority matters, and it must come from love, not fear
  6. Felt-Need Concept - listen. Don't use gifts to make ourselves feel superior. affirm dignity.
  7. Wholistic Approach - reach the soul: body, spirit, emotion, mind
  8. Empowerment - again, affirm dignity
    1. design a plan
    2. give responsibility
    3. always remember: don't do what they can do for themselves
[for a better description of these check out the ccda website.  Reflecting on these things now, they seem to be exactly the practical out-workings of When Helping Hurts. They share the same philosophy.  Then I realized, "duh, John Perkins wrote the Forward."]

know the people you are helping. 
our giving and charity should create responsibility and thanksgiving, not dependency

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