Monday, August 30, 2010

Wild Wool

Belinda and I discovered that LEGO is making board games now that you build and play.  With the description online we created our own version of Wild Wool.  Here are the directions.

Objective:  To be the player with the most wool at game end.

Set up:  Each player will build two sheep, one normal, one alien.  The sheep should have space for at least 5 2x2 lego blocks, the "wool"

Build the Wolf.  A terrible, nasty creature.  It can look however you want. Ours had yellow eyes.

Each player should receive a flat 2x8 LEGO piece to be the foundation of the "wall" which will protect them from attacks of the Wolf.  Players should also have an additional flat piece at least 4x6 to serve as their purse.

In the center of the playing area, between players, place the wolf and find a way to mark off 6 spaces of the "wolf-path" leading from one player's area (sheep pen?) to the other.  Also place in the center piles of 2x2 LEGO bricks, separated by color.  You should have about 12-15 bricks each of White, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Red.

Get 4 dice.  Designate one as the ACTION die, another as the DRAW die, and the remaining two as the WOLF die.

Here's a sketch of the playing area, fully assembled:

What's with the five colors?
Black and White blocks represent regular wool.  Only the regular sheep can grow this wool, and only one color at a time.  If you are already growing white wool and get black, you must return all the white to the bank and put the black on your sheep.
Blue blocks represent alien wool.  Only the alien sheep can grow this wool.
Yellow blocks represent gold. Sheering your sheep isn't free.  Each sheering costs two gold.
Red blocks form the bricks of your wolf-wall. If you have three or more bricks on your wall, the wolf will take down 3, but he will not be able to attack your sheep.

The youngest player goes first.
Turn begins by rolling the ACTION die and the DRAW die simultaneously.
DRAW die:
Assign a number to each of the color blocks, and pick up one block of the color rolled. In our game it was something like this:
1 - white: your regular sheep grows one white wool
2 - black: your regular sheep grows one black wool
3 - blue: your alien sheep grows one blue wool
4 - yellow: put one gold in your bank
5 - red: add one brick to your wolf-wall
6 - wild - pick one of whatever block you want.

Also assign actions to each number, as follows:
1 - grow an additional white wool.
2 - grow an additional black wool.
3 - STEAL a wool from your opponent's sheep, or steal the block indicated by the draw die (Ex. If the draw die shows 5 and Action die 3, I draw one red from the pile, and I can also steal a red from my opponent, or choose to steal a wool.
4 - Sheer.  You may pay two Gold to sheer one of your sheep. Any wool on that had grown on that sheep is now yours to keep. It cannot be stolen.  Player with the most shorn wool at game end wins.
5 - x2 - pick up two wool of the same color, or pick up two additional blocks of the color indicated on the draw die.
6 - WOLF!  Roll the two wolf dice that were set aside.  If doubles are rolled, the wolf jumps over any wall your opponent has and directly attacks the sheep. If doubles are not rolled, the wolf moves from it's current position on the path the number of spaces indicated by the higher of the two die (When you roll the wolf for the first time, he begins on the space closest to you). If the wolf reaches your opponent's pen, he will either take three bricks down off the wall, of if there are not 3 or more, carry off one piece of wool.  the attack scares the sheep so much that he looses all his remaining wool and returns it to the appropriate pile in the middle. The wolf is picky about wool.  He likes white best, then blue, then black, and will take them in that order of priority. The wolf keeps any wool that he has stolen.

You may draw or act in either order. At times you may want to draw before you sheer, and other times sheer before you draw.

Note:  A 1 and a 2 rolled together is a sad combination. Your regular sheep must grow a white wool and a black wool, but then cannot be grown together.  All current wool must be discarded and one of either color grown.

Play passes to the next player after draw and action required by the dice have been completed.

Game End:  It's all over when the last White wool block is taken from the pile.  All sheep are then sheered, and the player with tallest stack of LEGO wool wins!  If the wolf has more wool than either player, both loose.

There are only two of us, but I imagine it could be played with more.  Have fun!