Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On church and neighborhood (Part 1)

In looking for a place to live I came upon the 2000 census data for 14621, the zip code that we are moving into, and where our church is. Out of curiosity, I compared several of the statistics that stuck out to me to the same census data for Irondequoit, our neighbors on the north side of the church.

14621 14617 (Irondequoit)
vacant housing units 13.40% 3.00%
renter-occupied housing units 68.20% 13.00%
high school graduates over 25 60.90% 89.50%
college grads (bachelors or
8.00% 37.30%
people with disability status 30.80% 13.60%
household income in 1999$, compared to $41,999 nationally
$22,107 $53,929
individuals below US poverty
31.80% 3.00%

Sorry the table isn't in the greatest format.  But you get the picture.

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Chops said...

The "disability status" really jumped out at me. First off, it's higher in both zips than I would have expected. Second, the difference is much bigger than I would have expected. Do you know if that's true of urban / suburban splits in general, or if 14621 just happens to have a lot of old folks' homes (etc)?