Monday, May 24, 2010

5am ramblings

I typed this into my phone's notepad on a train at 5am, and I'm recording it for my own amusement.  Please don't feel that you must suffer through it. I did actually feel more tired after typing it, and fell asleep shortly after.

5am and i'm wide awake.
Slept about a wink on this swaying train.
Woman in her middle age beside me.
Stranger's shoulder, tempting pillow.
If i pretend i'm already sleeping...
How familiar will a stranger be?
Will writing this tire me
Enough to sleep?
A beautiful, elusive necessity.
The family, sex, great coffee.

Three things two wonderful four me.
Five firemen filet frostbitten fingers.

1 comment:

Matt Marsh said...

haha i like it. not entirely sure what you were going for, but part of that might just be the 5am bit.

and those last three lines were great.