Thursday, November 5, 2009

weekly tidbits

On my ride home the other day I passes two teenage girls on their porch yelling wildly and pounding on a very out of tune piano.  For a moment, it sounded like Tchaikovsky.
If there were infinite monkeys typing randomly on infinite typewriters, would one write the complete works of Shakespeare?

Our former landlord Steve got jumped getting out of his truck a few days ago.  Apparently the other white guy who drives a Ford F-150 had done something to upset a few folks, and they jumped Steve, mistaking him for the guy who'd actually angered them.  He's doing alright now.  This event did shatter some kind of bubble that I think I've been living in.  I still think Detroit is much less dangerous than people who haven't been here make it out to be.

Tomorrow is my first day as the official Middle School Social Studies teacher at Hope of Detroit Academy.  And by that I mean that today was the real teacher's last day until January 4th, and so I'll be in his classroom until then.  I even get(?) to do parent teacher conferences.  Grades go out next week for the first marking period.  Joy.

I've had a sore throat for the last three days, so I've been drinking tea nonstop. Which means I also pee nonstop.  By the time I wash my hands and walk out of the bathroom I already feel like I have to use it again.

Monday night I had a two hour conversation with the Pastor at New St. Peter's Missionary Baptist Church, the one on the corner of the block we live on.  It was a really good talk. I got to ask all the questions I could think of about his theology.  I think we agree on about 90% of the things we discussed, which makes me pretty happy.  He kept coming back to the inerrancy and authority of God's Word, and that focus and devotion to the word comes out in the preaching I've heard on the last few weeks.  This Sunday New St. Peter's will be the first church that I ever become a member of.

I got to help a few students with their math homework a couple days ago after school.  Teaching math is way more fun than social studies.  At least it's more fun that the way I can teach social studies.  It's probably not more fun that being able to teach history the way it was taught to me in high school.

I wrote a post very similar to this one last night, and accidentally lost it before I published it.  I think round two has been better.  But I have the sneaking feeling that I wrote some cool thing last night that I'm forgetting now.

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