Friday, October 16, 2009

on hammock sleeping

I've seen a hammock fall because the metal hook it was hung on unbent.

I've seen a hammock fall because the hammock strings themselves broke.

But I'd never seen a hammock fall because the wall came down.

When we first moved into our new house, I hung my hammock up and slept in it for about 8 days, but it wasn't hanging very tight because the hooks were too close.  And it was starting to hurt my back.  The more taught the hammock is, the more flat your sleeping position, and my position was painfully not flat.

So I decided to move one of the hooks down two studs.  And when I hung the hammock again it was very tight.  The hook that I didn't move was drilled into a projecting corner -- a section of our wall juts out around the chimney.  It turns out the hook was in the metal corner cover piece, and not actually in a stud.  When I tried to get into my newly taught hammock, the whole piece of metal, floor to ceiling, ripped right off.

I since moved that hook to a stud in the middle of the chimney projection.  And it's been comfortable since.  I have yet to fix the wall, except to remove the twisted metal.

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fendeilagh said...


I've seen someone fall from a hammock when the cloth ripped right down the middle. Guy popped out the bottom like a pee from a pod. Hammock stayed up though.