Monday, October 5, 2009

the first day

It's been a good day.

My first experience as a substitute teacher was largely a good one.  I'm teaching middle school social studies, but most of the lessons for all three grades today were about how to use organizational tools to write expository paragraphs.  It wasn't too exciting.  But I think the later classes had more fun with it than the first ones, cause i got better at teaching it interactively.  It was a little tough to manage the classroom.  Balancing mercy and justice, and establishing authority without being just straight mean.  But aside from a brief fist fight right in front of me almost at the end of first period, there weren't any problems besides overly talkative students and some attention-mongers.  (Just made up that term.  Thoughts?)

I also determined that three things have contributed to my coolness level:  I ride my bike to school, I live in Detroit, and I have a girlfriend (although, i might have been cooler if I was interested in the single female teacher across the hall who is my age).

Currently at the house the blinds are going up and we probably won't have gas for a week.

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Chops said...

Usually I've found that riding my bike places contributes to my coolness level negatively.

Also, I'm pretty sure that engagement offers more coolness points than any other relationship status; but that's quickly followed by marriage, which is as cool as rigor mortis. Ergo, don't get engaged to be cool!