Monday, September 14, 2009

a long ride

Today by 10:30 I had completed one interview and already ridden farther on my bike than I had in quite some time. I was intending to do a bus/bike combo to get to two interviews today, one near Livernois and Michigan, and one near Telegraph and Warren. I waited at the bus stop with my bike this morning at 8:15, but the bus didn't have a bike rack, and the driver wouldn't let me bring it on. I couldn't leave my bike there, so taking the bus was no longer an option. I dropped my full mug of coffee off at my porch, and then took off on my bike. I made it to the first interview (scheduled for 9am) at 8:48.

It turns out the first interview wasn't much of an interview. I talked to the guy in charge of hiring for about 5 minutes. Other than that I just filled out an additional application. We scheduled a meeting with the HR person for a week from today, Monday the 21st. It sounds like all I have to do is meet with her, bring two forms of ID, and a transcript, and they'll add me to the sub pool. So far so good.

I didn't have much of an option for getting to my 12:30 interview at warren and telegraph other than to ride. However I knew that I needed copies of reference letters and a transcript for that interview, and I hadn't been able to print anything over the weekend due to limited internet/printer access. So I got directions to a Kinkos on the way, and spent $6.99 using the internet and printing. It felt kind of cool to do that, for some reason.

Including the stop at Kinkos, it took only an hour and 15 minutes. So I arrived at about 10:45.

This was my route (including a bit of getting lost trying to avoid major roads):

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I found a McDonalds, got a small coffee, and sat and had a really good time studying Ezekiel 33, praying and journaling. Apparently McDonalds has free refills on coffee, too. No incentive to by anything bigger than a small if you're going to stay.

The second interview was actually an interview. Good questions. God gave me a clear mind and quick, honest answers. I think I presented myself well. The position there is actually for a full time sub/paraprofessional. So I would work M-F 7:30-3:50, either subbing for an absent teacher or assisting a teacher in some way. It sounds really good. They're in the middle of their first round of interviews, and will be narrowing the pool of candidates for a second round. No clear indication of how long that will take.

I made it back to 753 Hazelwood in under 45 minutes (no getting stuck in neighborhoods this time!) And God answered a prayer for no flat tires, despite some situations where my choice was glass/potholes and getting his by a car.

A great day, really.

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