Tuesday, September 8, 2009

instant coffee

Today I had the the best cup of instant coffee I'd ever experienced.

I slept in late (9:30ish), had a leisurely breakfast of cereal and read some more Ezekiel. Then the guys and I had our morning prayer time. Tuesdays we check in about what's been going on in our lives and pray for each other, and it was another encouraging morning. I've been slacking in my journaling disciplines and I think it's contributed to some feelings of spiritual disconnect, so I'm glad to have some support and accountability for that this week.

I walked down the block to the CDC office to use the internet, but just before I crossed Second an older woman sitting out on the steps of an apartment complex invited me in for coffee. I said I was busy but I might stop on the way back.

Well, turns out no one was in the office at CDC (at least no one answered the door), so I walked back three minutes later, and followed Patty up to her third floor apartment. She's a widow and relatively new to the neighborhood (3.5 years) so she feels pretty lonely. It was really nice to just be able to talk with her. Turns out she's a Christian and goes to one of the churches in the neighborhood I haven't been too yet, so I think I might try to go this week. It's "bring a friend Sunday" or something.
This week she's been working on memorizing Psalm 97, and recited the whole thing to me. Impressed. Other things we have in common: both adopted. And she gave up a baby for adoption when she was younger. She was saying her son ended up becoming a police officer in Detroit, and has come to visit her.
One more thing added to the list that makes me want to find my birth mother, for her benefit. I have no real desire to for myself, but I think it would probably be cool for her.

In other news, we settled on a house. We'll be moving to 1675 Pingree two weekends from now, the weekend of the 19th.

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