Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the house looks nice

Two days ago Luke and Mike moved in. Yesterday we actually set up our house. And I love it. It looks really great. Sometime I might have to post pictures (or at least link to pictures someone else takes). We have a guest room with a nice big queen sized bed, and we have a music room... the drum set, guitars, keyboard, and sax... We spent a bit jamming today, and it was awesome.

We've taken some time to pray together. We're establishing a daily ritual of morning prayer, which I'm really excited about. Of course, everything we're doing together and setting up is only for this month until we move again and Jon and Tyson arrive. But still, it excites me.

Last night we went back to Cliff Bells, where there is a poetry open mic every week. One of the poets I met through Ailanthus House folks was the feature: Justin. So, there were a lot more white folks there than usual. I performed a piece called "Introduction." I'll post it next. Luke did a rap he wrote as a poem. I think we came off pretty well. I got a few laughs that I didn't expect, so it was nice.

I need to work on reducing my use of "um."

I think I'll post "introduction" next. I haven't forgotten my lessons from the summer series... more soon, I hope.

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