Friday, August 14, 2009

ends, beginnings

Our summer program is officially over today. The girls are all gone already, and Kevin is leaving tonight. I'll have just one full day to myself tomorrow, and then Mike and Luke are moving up Sunday evening.

Now that the program is over, my full time occupation will be finding a job.

There's a small part on a lot across the street from our house. I was walking to the CDC office just now to use the computer I'm typing this on and I got called over by two of the kids that I worked with at day camp. It's really cool to have kids so excited to see you.

I have been warned that in cross-cultural relationships becoming close with kids is easiest, then teens. Adult relationships are very difficult to develop. I intend to be very intentional with trying to develop relationships with the adults around me.

This is a statistical picture of the neighborhood that I've been living in (and will continue to be in for a month):

  • 71% of households earn less than $25000 per year
  • Approximately 35.2% of households live below the federally prescribed poverty rate
  • 40.9% of the adult population does not have a high school diploma
  • 1 out of every 2 households does not have access to private transportation
  • 73% of households with children have no father living in the home
  • Only 18.4% of households with children are headed by a married couple

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