Friday, August 21, 2009

The Costs and Rewards of Racial Reconciliation

This will make more sense if you read the previous post first.

Relationships change
I may be seen as strange
By new friends and old ones
Even the church I come from
I'll make mistakes, bite my tongue
And find my foot in my mouth
Hurt and be hurt
Never fully figure it out

A deeper understanding of my God and his world
Reconciliation is his story unfurled
My Jesus dies to buy a colorful Bride
I want to love as he loves
Kill the old man inside

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Erik said...

I am glad that you are willing to speak your mind that you wish to embark upon such a path. Many of us believe that we are done with this whole process, while others believe we have just begun. I know for myself, that before I came to RIT a black man was still rare. But after RIT, I am used to them, after living with them for so many months. In the end I realized they are just like me, just a different color. That this different color differentiates us, but that should not change how we should treat them. Just because they look different does not give us the right to consider them to be bad in any way. In so many ways they are just like us, they havet he same struggles, in all ways that are important they are the same as us. The only difference is the color of their skin, and if in everyother way we are compatible, it does feel strange that we should think differently about another just because of the color of their skin, when intellectually, we have nothing against them personally...