Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a death in the family

I'm not sure how this kind of announcement should be made.

My grandfather (my father's father) died Sunday morning, July 26.

I flew back to PA -- well, I was supposed to fly to Harrisburg, but ended up in Baltimore after a few flight delays and reroutings, and my parents picked me up.

Today we came to State College for the viewing. Four hours of greeting relatives and trying to keep my parents and grandmother healthy. It's an exhausting, emotional process.

The funeral is tomorrow late morning. I actually get to say a few words. I wrote an almost-poem for the occasion, which I intend to publish here afterwards.

Personally, I'm doing well. Grandpa has been sick for a while. He is the closest relative that I've known that has died, but the last few years he wasn't really himself in many ways. It is a relief to know that now he worships God in peace and comfort, without the pain of this world and his failing earthly body.

My role is support. Pray that I can live it well.

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