Saturday, June 13, 2009

newsletter, game night, mail

Last night we had game night at the house. It was pretty fun, though I think this game night involved the least game playing, based on what people were saying. There was a couple that just got married two weeks ago, so there was a lot of picture showing and talk about the wedding. I really loved the diversity of the group, ethnically and otherwise. It was a mix of the house's neighbors and friends from all parts of life.
We played Mafia, kind of, and it was fun. Every time I play Mafia I end up reviewing the game in my head and talking out what I should have done or said (kind of like getting the hammers after playing too much Super Smash Brothers). I say we kind of played Mafia because the rules out here in the Midwest are strange -- really strange. Only one person on trail at a time, and the vote is just guilty/innocent.

I'm in the process of creating a contact list for an email newsletter I'd like to send monthly-ish. But apparently Google doesn't like you if you try to send too many emails to more than 500 people. So I can't send email for the next 24 hours or so.

Today I move to Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven) House!

In other news, mail makes me happy. Email me if you want my address.

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Michael said...

Speaking of game nights, I was kind of adopted into this family. Met their parents through church and have continued to subjugate each of their children to my company (there are four from 17-25, and the three oldest are geeky guys who enjoy playinh games. I was over for dinner when their mom found their old box of LotR cards. They have a lot, from the first couple sets I guess. Anyway, we ended up making a deck and playing a game. it was ridiculous but I could not stop thinking of you.