Wednesday, June 3, 2009

more Detroit news

Monday's announcement means a loss of 21,000 jobs at 14 plants nationwide. Michigan's share is the elimination of seven plants and almost 9,000 jobs. That comes on top of 140,000 manufacturing jobs this state has lost since 2004. A GM American work force that once numbered almost 400,000 will be reduced to less than 40,000 workers by the time the closures are carried out. It touches everyone. Even big league ballplayers.

Even sports writers are noticing Detroit as the epicenter of the American economic crisis. Read the whole article by Boston sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy here.

Also in the news, no one is surprised that Detroit once again tops the list of the "Most Dangerous Cities in America."

Here's the top 15 list:

HT: Chops


Chops said...

The graph understates the severity: in Detroit proper, the rate is twice as high as in the metro area.

On the "bright" side, Detroit's not first in murders. That would go to New Orleans, with almost double the murder rate. Detroit's stats are led by the "aggravated assault" category, consistent with a city where poverty is a relatively more widespread motive.

Elliot said...

On the other hand, my cousins in Detroit are having fun starring in movies thanks to the new tax incentives bringing film crews to Michigan.

It doesn't offset this problem much, but it is some good news. :)