Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meeting the Woman of My Dreams

There's an itch on my back
That I can't quite reach.
I know someone who looks just like you.
But I can't remember who she is or
Where we met.
These flowers smell of
The color of your eyes
And falling rain
And I think I read a story
Just like the way you're walking.
In every surprise a beautiful memory
From flatness to relief
Like recalling a postcard of
The place I'm now standing
For the first time
Beside you.
And I'm standing now
For the first time
Beside you.
I can't contrive this fairy tale
We're writing
Ink our lives.
The rain hides your tears
Next to mine
And leaves that taste on my lips
I can't quite place
Until the sun smiles
Like the scent of your hair
And marshmallow fires
And I think I had a dream
Just like...

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