Friday, June 26, 2009

harrisburg for the weekend

Last night I left Detroit after dinner and drove back to Harrisburg for a wedding today. I picked up my Dad in Cleveland and we got to spend the rest of the trip catching up. I was supposed to leave at about 4:30 (rather, I could have left then), but I decided to stay and have dinner with my new family, the interns, and didn't leave until 6. The six of us interns have become quite close in less than a week. As excited as I am to be able to see some friends and family this weekend (which is to say, very excited), I'm already missing the other interns. It was worth getting in a few hours later to be able to stay for pancakes: banana walnut pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, apple cinnamon pancakes, plain pancakes, and mulberry pancakes made with fresh mulberries that Kevin and I picked from trees in our neighborhood.

I should name the interns, since I'll be talking about them:
  • Kevin, 22, architect, University of Cincinnati, going back to school at UC in the fall for a masters in urban planning.
  • Paula, 21, sociology with minors in the environment and urban studies, University of Michigan, graduating in December.
  • Paige, 21, graduate of small nursing school in Cincinnati, working at The Christ Hospital.
  • Julia, 21, electrical and computer engineering, Miami University (of Ohio), two more years to finish 5-year double major.
  • Jillian, dietetics, Iowa State, doesn't want to plan meals for rich people upon graduation next year...

Speaking of mulberries, last week I learned that there are three kinds of trees that like to grow in very disturbed environments with poor (or even toxic) soil. Mulberry trees, Ailanthus trees, and Poplar trees. Mulberries provide food. Ailanthus trees grow quickly (10 feet in a season) and very straight, so they're great for construction material. And Poplars burn easily and well, so they make great fire wood. Food, shelter, fire. The more I learn about creation the more I marvel at its Creator.

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