Sunday, May 17, 2009

meet luke

If you've followed this blog much, you know I'm headed to Detroit to live the life of a new monastic with three other guys: mike, luke, and jon.

It's my pleasure to introduce luke, who's taken up blogging at Get the Dank :: "Life as a twenty-something 2009 new monastic."  Luke has just finished writing a thesis for his degree in philosophy from Oberlin, and will be starting work as InterVarsity staff at Wayne State University in the fall.  He's an excellent musician and recently a crazy vegan (well, he's always been crazy (if even half the stories are true), and now he's a vegan).

I offer no explaination for the word "dank," other than it's part of the private vocabulary of a small group of young adults from Penn Hills, PA.  Mike, Luke, and Jon all fit into this category.  I generally attempt to speak real English, but in some ways resistance may be futile.  3:1


inos said...

CORRECTION: So I was wrong about the word 'dank.' Luke's got the real story here.

Joshua said...

That's pretty intense. Penn Hills is extremely close to where I come from... good'ol Greensburg, PA.