Friday, May 1, 2009

The Love Alliance

I may have posted about the Love Alliance here before. But it's been a while if that's the case.

Their motto of sorts is "education + community + action = change," and that's exactly what they do. Their goal is social change, and they seek to create change by educating those who are ignorant about the social injustices around them (most of us), getting people to organize together, and doing monthly "action projects."

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As an example, here's the May action project:

Now for the big reveal of May’s Action Project. This month we will be Remembering the Poor. We are all acutely aware of rising poverty levels all around us. Hundreds of thousands of people have been and are currently being laid off all around the world. This month we will be assisting those places that provide for people in their hardest hours, food pantries. Food pantries exist to help meet basic needs of struggling people. Because the need for food pantries has drastically risen we need to help them meet that need. There are a few ways that we can help our local food pantries this month:

Firstly, you can hold a canned food drive. You can do this by collecting non-perishable’s from family, friends, classmates, church, co-workers, group members etc. You can also go door to door in your area with baskets for you local food pantry asking if individuals have anything that they would like to donate to help those who are struggling in your community.

Another thing we have found is that while food pantries give out so much, they are many times very limited in the help that people give to them. Who knows, possibly the biggest help could come from you cleaning up, organizing, painting or volunteering a shift at your local food pantry. Give them a call; see what they are in need of.

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