Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Detroit in the Onion (again)

I find it absolutely appalling that our nation (and/or the internets) finds this to be humorous:

The result of three years of construction work and more than $24,000 in public funds, the rat-infested and crime-ridden development was unveiled to the public on Tuesday.

"It is my great honor to introduce to you the brand new Baneberry Heights," announced Bing, gesturing to the ramshackle subdivision behind him. "Filthy, dangerous, filled with violence and blight: It's all here, and it's all completely falling apart."

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Chops said...

The actual conditions parodied here are appalling; the article itself can be seen as a positive one. Why? It brings attention to the privation of slum life in Detroit, without putting readers to sleep immediately with a familiar weepy tone. Most people don't want a guilt trip about poverty... but they might internalize the reality if it's introduced through humor.

The most influential of the (Jewish) Three Stooges movies was a spoof on Hitler that came out before WWII. They poked fun at the megalomania, and their humor helped distill American distaste for the Nazi regime.