Monday, May 18, 2009


For a while I was leaning toward abandoning the word "Christian" in favor of "Christ-follower."  But I think I now agree with Abraham Piper.


Moses said...

That isnt easy to stomach. Requires an admission of pride.

Chops said...

I agree.

Peter, Paul, Barnabas, etc. in Antioch were called 'Christians', and they didn't run away from the name. To avoid it is to implicitly reject the subsequent 1,950 years of the history of Christ's followers.

That's ungodly in two ways: first, it implies pride ('I'm better than all those other people') and second, it avoids responsibility for the evil done in Christ's name. We ought to embrace the label 'Christian' precisely because it has been so abused! We should make extra effort to identify with and repent for the sins committed in Christ's name, not weasel away from them.